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We are excited for our guests to enjoy our updated menu of spa services.  Please check out our website to see the fabulous changes we have made!  The following is a sample of our new service items:

Signature Massage

“Create your own” service for the results-oriented person, this massage blends multiple techniques including deep pressure and hot stone on a specific area of the body as well as aromatherapy in order to pinpoint and release tense muscles and ease soft tissue discomfort.             

55 Minute – $100.00 (Monday-Friday)           $110.00 (Saturday)         

85 Minute – $130.00 (Monday-Friday)          $140.00 (Saturday)


Relaxation Massage

Gentle pressure combined with long flowing movements promoting total relaxation.                

55 Minute – $75.00 (Monday-Friday)           $85.00 (Saturday)         

85 Minute – $105.00 (Monday-Friday)          $115.00 (Saturday)


“Create Your Own” Body Treatment Experience

Create a perfect body treatment experience.  Choose the wrap, either a hydrosoak or dry float and also receive a 55 Minute Relaxation Massage.

Wrap Options: Seaweed, Cellulite Buster, Detox, Seasonal Wrap

120 Minutes – $225.00 (Monday-Friday)        $250.00 (Saturday)


 Seaweed Body Wrap

Treatment including body scrub and wrap application designed to help detox and de-stress.

$130.00 (Monday-Friday)        $140.00 (Saturday)


Detox Body Wrap

Multi-phased treatment including body scrub and wrap application enriched with elastin and collagen targeted at intense removal of toxins from the body.

$130.00 (Monday-Friday)        $140.00 (Saturday)


Cellulite Buster Body Wrap

Multi-phased thermoactive wrap enriched with centella extracts, aminophulline and carnitine to help eliminate toxins.  Iodized extension and caffeine extract stimulate fat degradation.  Promotes elasticity, toning of the skin and removal of cellulite.

$130.00 (Monday-Friday)        $140.00 (Saturday)



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